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Our communication with you is our highest priority, please refer to the directory below for the best way to contact us regarding your needs.

Contact Reason Directory


*If you are looking to move forward working with us and a representative has already contacted you via text message or phone please respond back using the reps contact info. If you no longer have the reps contact info please call or text us at: 866-455-3155

To be removed from our contact list: in subject line on the form please add contact removal and in the message add your name & phone number

To refer someone interested in selling their land: please have them call or text 866-455-3155 and provide your name & contact info

To request our staff to contact the title company or a third party on your behalf: please text 866-455-3155 with what you need assistance with and we will handle the rest

To submit a complaint: in subject line on the form please add complaint

To complete our feedback survey: please contact Latanya, our customer service specialist at 

To complete your post closing survey: please click Here


Thank you for submitting!

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Roberto N.

After months of researching, we decided to work with Integrity First Development Group. Not only did they offer us a fair price for our land, the benefits they offered were second to none.

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